ForenSeq mtDNA Whole Genome Kit

The ForenSeq mtDNA Whole Genome Kit offers a convenient and cost-effective library prep for sequencing the whole mitochondrial genome (mtGenome) with minimal DNA input and exceptional data recovery. Leveraging proven ForenSeq chemistry, the kit produces expanded data sets that promote population studies or provide additional resolution for severely degraded samples. Moreover, this solution has the lowest list price of any commercial whole genome assay. Multiplexing capability further boosts operational efficiency without increases to costs or time.



Target size  16,569 bp mtGenome
Sample type gDNA and mtDNA extracted from hair, bone, teeth, and buccal swabs
DNA input recommendation 100 pg gDNA per sample
Kit configuration 48 reactions
Multiplexing capacity 16 samples per run
Number of primers > 500
Number of amplicons 245
Average amplicon size 131 bp
Amplicon overlap ≥ 3 bp
Total library prep time 7 hours and 45 minutes
Hands-on time 1 hour and 45 minutes


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