1 Sensor Electrochemical Fuel Cell
2 Measuring Range 00mg/100ml to 400mg/100ml or 0.00 to 0.8BAC%
3 Accuracy +/-0.004BAC% at 0.16BAC % or +/-2% at 80mg/100 ml
4 Units of measurement BAC, mg/100 ml, BrAC, mg/L
5 Display 128×64 Graphical LCD that displays, alcohol content, serial no, date, battery level, Time.
6 Memory 9999 Memory with date, time, alcohol
Content. Memory is not erased even if the power is switched OFF.
7 Printer In Built dot matrix Plain Paper printer that prints Alcohol Content. Serial Number, Date, Time Facility to feed drivers name, license no, registration no, address, officer name and place.
8 PC Connectivity The entire data can be downloaded to a PC
Through USB cable (compatible to Windows or Linux)
9 Switches and Buttons ON/OFF, View up, View down, Print, Erase, Start etc.
1o Power Source Built in rechargeable battery (7.4V 2000maH) to take 150 Printouts minimum
11 Mains Charger SMPS charger is provided to operate from 185 to 270volts
12 Car Charger Adapter for cigarette lighter socket with coil leads to charger unit
13 Operating temperature* -15 to 55 Degree Celsius *(On special request –20 to 70 degree celsius)
14 Blow pipe Disposable Straw (1000 Straws supplied with Each Analyzer)
15 Installation software Software to download data to PC through USB port
16 Accessories Carry case for the Instrument and USB cable ,charger provided
17 Processor ARM based micro controller