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Our Proud Partners


POLICE SCIENCE INDUSTRY, LTD. were established on 1945 to assist Japanese Police for their modernizing and started the research and the development of the devices and the materials for identification and criminal investigation. They have played our roles for more than 50 years from the establishment as the Pioneer of the development of the products for the identification and criminal investigation. They have cooperated with Japanese Police and complied with their requirements during the above period. POLICE SCIENCE INDUSTRY are now distributing their products in Japan and exporting them all over the world. And, have receive the very deep confidence from both of the overseas Police and Japanese Police. In 1987, POLICE SCIENCE INDUSTRY first president Kenji Shimizu has received the Grand Cordon from our Emperor for his continuous cooperation with the Police.

Partners in Kansai region Japan

Revolford Industry Co., Ltd.
1-2-9, Niwai, Sumiyoshi Ku,
Osaka city, Japan

Partners in Kyushu region Japan

Sakai Building 2F
Tenjin 2-6-17, Chuo-Ku,
Fukuoka City, Japan